El Diario of El Paso has coined a new term for the City gas card scandal: GASOLINAGATE!

Elsewhere in the news, the El Paso Police issued an APB for a man who stole a Slurpee and $463.08 worth of cigarettes from a Circle K. They have posted a video of the suspect.

By contrast, Rep. Cassandra Hernandez, whose City gas card was used to purchase $6,691 worth of gasoline in 2022, is still at large. The Police have not issued an APB and claim they are unable to produce a video in which any suspects can been identified.

But somehow KVIA, which is not the Police, produced a video obtained from the Police showing Jeremy Jordan, the husband of Hernandez, using her gas card to purchase 17 gallons of gas for his pickup.

And they positively identified him.

In their incident report on the gas cards, the Police claim they presented the gas card case to the Office of the District Attorney, which declined to investigate.

But KVIA learned from Bill Hicks, the District Attorney, that his office “has never received any full report or case presentation from the El Paso Police Department, meaning his office has never an opportunity to determine whether a crime has or has not occurred.”

The Police Department has refused to comment.

We sense that something is seriously amiss with our law enforcement.