Martin Paredes of El Paso News just published a shocking report on City Rep. Henry Rivera of District 7 and his wife Dora Oaxaca.

We have heard people joke many times that Oaxaca effectively serves as the District 7 representative—that she can’t run for District 7 because she’s already served two terms. ðŸ˜…

But now she is accused of gaining access to confidential files from a City computer, of accessing confidential information from Executive Sessions, and of impersonating her husband in her email correspondence with the City Attorney’s Office.

If this turns out to be true, there may be a violation of Section 33.02(b) of Texas law, which states that breach of computer security is a “state jail felony if the computer, computer network, or computer system is owned by the government or a critical infrastructure facility.”

Apparently there has already been an investigation by Human Resources, and Paredes claims they will present their findings to City Council this coming Tuesday under agenda item EX1: “Complaint against elected official. Matter No. HQ # 1453 (551.071) (551.074) 23-1286.”

Did Rivera knowingly grant his wife access to confidential City information?

For their sake, we hope he did not.