Today the City Council, under Executive Session item 7, voted to have Mayor Leeser present City Rep. Henry Rivera with a Letter of Reprimand.

According to Martin Paredes of El Paso News, Rivera’s wife Dora Oaxaca-Rivera is accused of gaining access to confidential files from a City computer, of accessing confidential information from Executive Sessions, and of impersonating her husband in her email correspondence with the City Attorney’s Office.

However, the Letter of Reprimand will focus exclusively on the conduct of Rivera, who engaged in unacceptable behavior.

The vote was held at the 3:09 mark in the City video after a very long Executive Session. Mayor Pro Temp Kennedy made a motion, which was seconded by Alternate Mayor Pro Temp Molinar. The vote was 5-1 with Rivera voting “nay” and Rep. Hernandez, who was reprimanded July 24, abstaining. Rep. Salcido was absent.

“Motion made, seconded and carried that the Mayor issue a Letter of Reprimand against Representative Rivera as a result of a complaint regarding allowing a non-City employee to supervise and direct the day-to-day duties of a City employee and allowing a non-City employee to access City resources, on this 26th day of February 2024.”

Rivera is the third current or former City representative to be reprimanded, after Cassandra Hernandez and Claudia Lizette Rodriguez.

They say all bad things come in threes.