As some of you already know, City staff announced yesterday morning under agenda item 40 that discussion and action to eliminate the Mayor’s “tie-breaking and veto capacity,” which had been scheduled for today, is now delayed for two weeks.

You can see the announcement about 28 minutes into yesterday’s meeting on this video.

The staff person who made the announcement provided no explanation for the delay, but City Rep. Alexsandra Annello rightfully complained that there are was no backup for the agenda item and that she had received five phone calls from constituents early in the morning pointing this out.

Why would there be no backup documentation for a set of committee recommendations on how to change the structure of our City Charter?

Is this a matter of utter incompetence or is it a strategy designed to keep you and the general public in the dark while the Oligarchs conspire to diminish our liberty?

The power of the veto was first established in 509 BC at the dawn of the Roman Republic and has been an essential feature of constitutional political systems ever since.

It should never be messed with.