On May 19, the Ad Hoc Charter Advisory Committee voted 4-3 to modify Article IV, Section 4.1 B of our City Charter so as to deprive the Mayor of his veto authority. (see below)

On May 23, under agenda item 7, the City Council was updated on the committee’s recommendations. Page 12 of the backup cites the recommendation to  “Remove the Mayor’s tie-breaking and veto capacity and make the Mayor a voting member of the Council.”

Tomorrow, agenda item 40 calls for discussion and action on the Charter Committee’s recommendation. There is no backup attached to the agenda item indicating what the recommendations are or what action could be taken tomorrow!

This is an undisguised attempt by four Oligarchy surrogates on the Ad Hoc Charter Advisory Commitee to diminish the liberty of every El Pasoan by weakening the Mayor, who is elected by voters in all districts.

The City Council must decide which recommendations of the committee to place on the ballot for consideration by the voting public.

I hope you continue to follow this issue closely and to question the supporters of this radical change to our Charter.