We have received more than 100 mailers and doorhangers this year, enough to cover the floor of our underground bunker.

But do not worry.

We know how to separate the angels from the pigs.

Our patented El Paso Taxpayer Revolt “Pigometer” can detect corruption and dishonesty from as far away as the Andromeda Galaxy!

Stick with us and we will help you make educated decisions at the polls.

We strongly endorse Bobby Flores For SheriffNorma Priscilla Chávez for Texas House District 77, Ryan Woodcraft for County Commissioner Precinct 1, Iliana Holguin for County Commissioner Precinct 3, and Joe Molinar for City Council District 4.

We absolutely oppose the candidacies of Gassandra Hernandez and Renard “Beto” Johnson for Mayor, Oscar “Escobar” Ugarte for County Sheriff, Jackie Michelle Butler and Claudia “Mi gas es tu gas” Rodriguez for County Commissioner Precinct 1, and the odious Vince “Five Raises” Perez for Texas House District 77.

We hate high taxation, deficit spending, corporate welfare, Escobar lackeys, and greedy, slimy politicians who serve only themselves.

We love God, liberty, and the United States Constitution.

Invite your friends to join our Rebellion!