Dear Media,

And here is the rest of the story (see my earlier email below).

Again, when agenda 11.1 was finally brought up for public comment (after the vote!), Sito Negron, District Director for State Sen. Jose Rodriguez and President of the Sunset Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association, called in to state his concerns about the widening of Interstate 10 along the south edge of Sunset Heights.

What happened next was just reported by KFOX 14:

Rep. Henry River of District 7 was captured on his mic telling Mr. Negron: “Then what the f–k are you complaining about, f–king idiot.” There is absolutely zero doubt that the expletives were directed at Mr. Negron, so Rivera cannot invent an excuse.

Meanwhile, Rep. Svarzbein, rather than interjecting and admonishing his colleague, burst out laughing like a child.

Perhaps the media should contact Svarzbein and ask him why insulting a citizen speaker, who happens to be the senior aide of a State Senator, is so funny.

I have attached the video clip, which you may find at 6:16.45 here.


El Paso city councilman’s hot-mic captures explicit remarks during virtual meetingAn El Paso city representative’s microphone recorded his expletive comment while a resident spoke during a council meeting. El Paso council members were online via Microsoft Teams holding their weekly Tuesday meeting. During the meeting, the public comment portion was reopened. Sito Negron, who is a spokesman for Senator José Rodríguez, commented that reopening the public comment portion was the right thing to