On Friday morning at 7:30am, City Manager Gonzalez was hosted by City Rep. Joe Molinar of District 4 at a Denny’s in Northeast El Paso.

Gonzalez, who is set to earn nearly $400,000, gave a presentation on the City’s budget and capital improvement projects and then took questions from members of the public, who came in large numbers to vent their frustration.

Anthony Jackson of the El Paso Times was in the room paying close attention, and he just published an exclusive front-page report in which he writes:

“Vocal members of the breakfast crowd pressed Gonzalez about why the city is not lowering the property tax rate, as home values have significantly increased for some residents due to a hot real estate market.

‘The property value was so high, how can you help us in El Paso,’ one woman, who was standing at the edge of the room because there were no places to sit, asked Gonzalez.

‘Last year, the city budget did not increase the tax rates, and this year in the budget, we’re not increasing the tax rate, and we’re giving a tax decrease to seniors and the disabled,’ Gonzalez replied.

The woman, not satisfied with Gonzalez’s answer, said the valuations would leave homeowners paying more in taxes if the tax rate is not adjusted.”

Thanks to the City of El Paso, I am now paying a net property tax rate of 3.12%, the second highest rate in the Unites States among the 50 largest cities, just behind Detroit.

I now have to work a full month each year just to pay my property tax.

But at least I can cool off at a public waterpark, then take a ride on our insolvent trolley system to go watch a minor league baseball game in our insolvent Ballpark!

Enjoy your day.