This past Saturday afternoon, anti-Israel protesters gathered in San Jacinto Plaza for the third time since October 21. Again, they chanted “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” and called for intifada.

Yes, while tens of thousands of El Pasoans were preparing for Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, about 60 protesters angrily demanded the elimination of Israel and armed revolt against the “colonialist” occupiers.

Whenever our local media cover these antics, they never state what it is the protesters are actually demanding. Usually they comment that the demonstration was peaceful.

However, this time there were approximately eight counter-protesters, waving Israeli flags and exercising their First Amendment rights.

One of the anti-Israel protesters spat on a woman who was brandishing an Israeli flag in front of her young children. Under Texas criminal law, that is an assault.

The police immediately swarmed the perpetrator, handcuffed him, and took him away.

One of the Israel-supporters caught the arrest on video and shared footage with us showing the face of the perpetrator very clearly. We decided not to post the footage since there may be an investigation and we would not want to interfere by presenting potential evidence in a public forum.

We feel certain we can look forward to many other “peaceful” anti-Israel protests in El Paso.

PHOTO: One of the children of the woman who was assaulted.