Two evenings ago, our Chief Instigator exited his bunker to attend a meeting hosted by El Paso County at Franklin High School intended to promote their scheme to issue $500 million in debt.

First the event staff showed a deceptive video claiming the County has not raised our tax rate in over a decade (when in fact the County raised our taxes by $34 million for the current fiscal year).

Next, the event staff handed our Chief Instigator and another attendee seated at our table 12 poker chips each. They asked us to place the chips on trays that were labeled “Road Maintenance,” “Jail Infrastructure,” “Police” etc. so as to indicate where we would like the bond money spent.

The other attendee gleefully placed his chips on a number of trays.

Then everyone looked at our Chief Instigator, who stuffed all 12 of his chips in his pocket and told the County staff that he would rather keep his money, pay down his mortgage, invest in his child’s college education, and spend whatever is left purchasing material and services from local businesses.

He declared that he can spend his own money better and more efficiently than government and that he did not want to pay higher taxes for more County debt servicing.

Everyone burst out laughing, and our Chief Instigator smiled back at them benevolently.