Rep. Isabel Salcido, incumbent candidate for City District 5, and/or El Paso Police Chief Gregg Allen may have violated Texas state law in the attached campaign mailer from Salcido’s campaign.

Allen appears in uniform on the mailer, which is clearly marked as political campaign material.

Texas Local Government Code Title 5, Subtitle A, Chapter 150.002(a) states:

“While in uniform or on active duty, an employee of the fire or police department of the municipality may not engage in a political activity relating to a campaign for an elective office.”

150.002(b) states, among other things: “For the purposes of this section, a person engages in a political activity if the person:

(2)  distributes a card or other political literature relating to the campaign of a candidate;

(5)  solicits votes for a candidate; or

(6) ¬†solicits campaign contributions for a candidate.”

The mailer may have violated these provisions. This is political literature. It solicits votes for a candidate. It solicits contributions through the campaign webpage. Allen appears in uniform.

Did Salcido inform Allen that he would be included on this mailer?

Incumbent City Rep. Claudia Lizette Rodriguez of District 6 also appears on the mailer. Did she have a role in this potential violation?

Just curious.