On September 7, Dee and Adair Margo hosted City Rep. Isabel Salcido at their Upper Valley home for a campaign fundraiser, which was apparently co-hosted by Gracie Viramontes, Creative Director at Emajj Public Relations and Marketing firm.

Why did Salcido seek to raise money in an ultra-wealthy enclave so far from District 5?

Because that is where the Oligarchs are concentrated. 

Like most Oligarch politicians, Salcido raises very little money within her own district and relies heavily on a small number of business moguls who live in the Upper Valley and Coronado.

The Oligarchs support their candidates regardless of where their districts are located because their basic aim is to maintain their grip on City Council, where they currently control six of the eight seats.

City ordinance 2.92.080 stipulates that City reps must post campaign donations of $500 or more on a City Council agenda within 30 days of their donations.

In the case of Salcido, she reported her contributions from the Margo fundraiser on the agendas of September 13 (item 16) and September 27 (item 13), listing $15,298.65 in campaign donations on the September 13 agenda and $30,038.73 on the September 27 agenda, for a total of $45,337.38.

Among the big donors you will find Dee Margo and elite members of the business community.

As far as I can tell, Isabel Salcido holds exactly the same views as Dee Margo, the most unpopular El Paso mayor in modern memory.


Richard Genera is running on a platform calling for fiscal discipline. Unlike Salcido, he opposes high taxation, deficit spending and boondoggle projects like the Arena, which he would kill altogether.

Mr. Genera will need to raise money to compete against his opponent and spread his message, especially since he is up against Goliath.

Enjoy your evening.