During yesterday’s meeting of City Council at the 39.00 mark, Rep. Brian Kennedy of District 1 was appointed Mayor Pro Tempore after only one year and 28 days in office.

The motion was made by Rep. Joe Molinar and seconded by Rep. Art Fierro, and the vote was 8-0.

According to Article IV, Section 4.3 of the City Charter, “During the absence or disability of the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tempore shall act as Mayor, but shall vote as a Representative, and shall have no veto power.” The position is for two years.

In our view, Rep. Kennedy has been one of the most energetic and effective City Council representatives in modern memory. In the short time he has held office, he has voted to kill building an arena in Duranguito, to fire City Manager Gonzalez, and to prevent any increase in our property tax. As Chair of FOAC, he has led the effort to audit the City gas cards and Pcards and expose the malfeasance of public officials. He is always looking for ways to improve governance and solve problems.

Mayor Pro Tempore Kennedy is a committed fiscal conservative and a fierce advocate for the taxpayers, and we commend him on his unanimous appointment!

We also congratulate Rep. Josh Acevedo of District 2, who was sworn in at the same meeting.