Rep. Isabel Salcido of District 5, who is running for reelection on one of the worst voting records in modern memory (see below), has distinguished herself as the only candidate for City office who refused to contribute to the voter guides of the El Paso Times, El Paso Matters, and El Paso Inc.
Thus, she hopes to conceal her political positions and voting record from her constituents by making herself as invisible as possible. 

Her only problem is that her voting record can actually be checked, and so can her campaign contributions from her Oligarch supporters.
Salcido has voted to raise our property tax not once, not twice, but three times!
Salcido has voted for all four certificates of obligation that came before her, for a total $389,000,000 of debt without voter approval.
Salcido has supported the three greatest boondoggles in the history of El Paso: the Great Wolf Lodge, TIRZ 13, and the Arena.

Perhaps her most impressive achievement, however, was raising most of her campaign funds from an elite group of developers, bankers and attorneys in the Upper Valley and Coronado, more than twenty miles from District 5!

Richard Genera is hoping to unseat her but will have to work very hard to do it.