We proudly endorse Bobby Flores for El Paso County Sheriff. He served as a law enforcement officer for more than 33 years: as a detention officer, patrolman, SWAT commander, and high-level administrator. He rose to the level of Assistant Chief of Police of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and retired last year in order to run for public office. He has a very impressive range of experience and the financial acumen to manage a large budget.

His opponent Oscar Ugarte is backed by Congresswoman Veronica Escobar and her friends and has a fraction of Flores’ law enforcement and administrative experience. His stated priority is to create a Social Services Division of the Sheriff’s Office, which would be hugely expensive, and then send social workers into domestic violence situations. Ugarte, very controversially, announced his run for Sheriff but was somehow excused from resigning his position of Constable of Precinct 1 in clear violation of State law.

By contrast, Flores plans to expand the police force in the periphery of the County and pay for it by removing as many non-violent offenders as possible from the County jail. His aim is to once again make El Paso County one of the safest places to live in the United States.

We hope you enjoy this interview, the sixth in ourĀ series: