Dear Friends,

Just last week, elections were held for positions within the Texas Democratic Party. Among the candidates was the controversial operative/blogger Jaime Abeytia, whose criminal record, racist rants against Caucasians, and gutter tactics against his political opponents are well known to those who have bothered to look into him.

Abeytia ran for two different offices in Senate District 29–the Credentials Committee and the Nominations Committee–and he lost both his bids by wide margins.

While it is common knowledge that Abeytia is the hired hand of Vince Perez and his wife Claudia Ordaz Perez and that he has been paid by their campaigns (funded in large measure by prominent local Republicans), what is not well known is his alliance with Dora Oaxaca, the Chair-Elect of the El Paso County Democratic Party and wife of Henry Rivera, City Representative of District 7.

Thanks to today’s report by, one can view the complete list of who voted for Abeytia in the party election as well as Abeytia’s campaign video, which he deleted from YouTube after numerous people gave it a thumbs down.  I have no doubt that some of the voters on the just-published list would be horrified to learn that the votes they cast are a matter of public record.

There one sees that Dora Oaxaca voted for Abeytia as her first choice for both party positions for which he ran. This is a woman who is supposed to represent Democratic values. Shouldn’t she be expected to distance herself from malefactors who tarnish the image of her party?

Dora Oaxaca and Henry Rivera

Like her husband Rivera, Oaxaca is solidly in favor of displacing dozens of vulnerable Mexican-Americans and demolishing their historic barrio for the construction of a $500+ million multipurpose basketball arena. Is that what the Democratic Party stands for? Exactly whom will Oaxaca represent as Democratic Party Chair?

By contrast, the Chair-Elect of the Republican Party, Rick Seeberger, and the Chair of the Libertarian Party, Dave Marino, have spoken boldly before City Council against the arena project and in defense of the residents of Duranguito.

El Paso Democrats deserve better.


PHOTO CREDITS: Dora Oaxaca and Henry Rivera, photograph by Jorge Salgado, El Paso Inc,; Jaime Abeyta, video still from