We have been treated to a double feature!

On September 9, City Representatives Hernandez, Salcido and Rodriguez published another guest column for the El Paso Times, which comes only 39 days after the last one (see below).

The subject is advanced manufacturing, and the third paragraph reads:

“Anticipating this industrial realignment and as part of our greater economic development comprehensive plan, the city of El Paso made the development of the advanced manufacturing sector a key priority in our strategic plan. Working with our Community of Excellence partners, including the University of Texas at El Paso, the Rio Grande Council of Governments, the County of El Paso, and Workforce Solutions Borderplex, we have increased wages by approximately 20% and developed the Advanced Manufacturing Strategic Initiative. Additionally, we discovered that we had almost 40 small businesses already successfully working in the advanced manufacturing sector.”

If my understanding of English grammar is correct, the three politicians are claiming they have “increased wages by approximately 20%,” and I guess they mean within the “advanced manufacturing sector.”

But even if that’s what they mean, exactly what action did they take to increase wages, aside from those of City government employees?

Enquiring minds want to know!

We just saw Salcido and Rodriguez cynically vote against the current budget at the very last second in a transparent ploy to boost their election prospects.

Is their baseless claim about wages another facet of their strategy?

Next are we going to hear that they decreased gasoline prices?

Apparently Salcido and Rodriguez will say anything to get reelected, and we all know that Hernandez wants to be the next Mayor, even though she advocated publicly for higher property valuations.

This is the Oligarchy Caucus in action.