Item 43 on the City Council agenda for February 13 is “Discussion and action on a Resolution approving an alternative site for the Multipurpose Cultural and Performing Arts Center and directing the Interim City Manager to take necessary steps in preparation and support of the project.”

The agenda backup indicates that the new proposed site is immediately to the west of Union Depot, between Sunset Heights and the Border Highway.

Map from City presentation

The site is 100% City-owned and we can affirm that no historic architecture would be destroyed for the project.

The Union Depot, designed by Daniel Burnham and built in 1906, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and would be preserved in entirety.

We have learned that the results of the City’s environmental impact study are acceptable.

The City plans to design and construct the MPC without exceeding its $180 million budget even though more than 13 years have passed since that figure was determined.

There are less than $160 million remaining of the bond funds, plus the proceeds from the future sale of the Duranguito properties back to the private sector.

While we still feel that building a MPC is a colossal waste of money and that the 2012 bond ordinance does not explicitly describe the project the City envisions, we understand our City Council’s desire to respect the voters’ wishes and do not oppose the selection of this site.