Dear Friends,

If you wish to speak tomorrow in favor of Agenda item 22 (below), directing the City Manager and his staff to inform City Council, the public, and the media how much the “Arena” would actually cost if it were built today, you must:

1. Click this link.

2. Fill in the appropriate boxes for the regular City Council meeting tomorrow, October 26, click whether you plan to attend in person or by phone; indicate agenda item 22; add your name, address, phone number and email; and click “In Favor.”

3. Scroll to the bottom and click “Send!”


This morning City Rep. Rodriguez, who is the sponsor of Agenda item 22, moved the item to immediately after Public Comment, which is scheduled for 12:00pm tomorrow.

There are typically anywhere from three to ten speakers at Public Comment, and agenda item 22 will come up immediately afterwards.

Thus to be safe, all speakers for agenda item 22 should be ready to speak at 12:00pm, although the item probably will not come up until 12:15 or so.

If you are calling in to speak, dial 915-213-4096 or 833-664-9267  and then enter conference ID 873-411-780#.

I will appear in person and J.P. Bryan will speak via phone.

We hope others will join us to address this important item!

The public and media have a right to know that the “Arena” will cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than advertised and that there is absolutely no way to pay for it!

Hasta maƱana,


From: Max Grossman