Today at 2:53pm our City Council voted 5-4, with Mayor Leeser breaking the tie, to fire City Manager Tommy Gonzalez without cause, per the terms of section 6.1(d) of his contract.

As expected, Rep. Cassandra Hernandez had a total fit, turning every color of the visual spectrum from green to magenta. She even pulled the race card before she went down in defeat. She tried as hard as she could to gain control of the situation but was powerless against the will of the majority.

The City will have to pay Gonzalez close to $1,000,000 per the terms of his badly negotiated contract, but at least the City will not have to pay him the more than $3,000,000 he would have cost if he had been permitted to remain through the end of his term, in the year 2029.

The City Council fired Gonzalez much in the same way the voters of El Paso fired Dee Margo, Claudia Lizette Rodriguez, Sam Morgan, Vince Perez, and the other hack politicians who dedicated themselves to the dozen or so richest families in El Paso rather than to their constituents at large.

Mr. Gonzalez now has 120 days left to serve, unless he resigns first, and in the interim our City Council will conduct a search for a candidate for City Manager who will truly serve our City Council rather than the Oligarchs behind the curtain.


Please take a moment and send an email to Mayor Leeser and Reps. Kennedy, Annello, Molinar and Fierro to thank them for their courage and determination today. We will always be grateful for their achievement.;;;;

Make no mistake about it. This is a new day for El Paso, so rejoice!